Madagascar + Dreamworks

Previews for the animated children’s movie “Madagascar” (Dreamworks) is being shown against some pretty raunchy content on YouTube. The brand is in very dangerous territory, in addition to thousands of wasted impressions. Advertisements


Naturally, below the fold and autoplay. This gem seems to be from Collective.  We dont know what is worse, the placement or that telemetry has no control over it.


Same placement but new provider.  In-banner, below fold, autoplay. We believe this is coming from

Canon Eos

Canon Eos pre-roll running on auto-play below the fold, most likely from TidalTV (aka Videology). Hope the brand didn’t pay more than a $5cpm for this one.

McDonalds via TubeMogul

A McDonalds fake pre-roll video, first exposed by TubeMogul’s The site has since been taken down following pressure from publishers.