Come Back to the Gulf for the…Hurricanes?

Come Back to the Gulf for the...Hurricanes?

This was a BP ad encouraging vacationers and businesses to come visit the Gulf again. Ironically played before a news video about how there will be even MORE hurricanes this season…


Allstate and Drunk Driving

Allstate and Drunk Driving?

Is drunk driving covered by auto insurance? Probably not the best placement for Allstate…

NBC Olympics Coverage


Below the fold, autoplay, low quality content  


Auto-play, below the fold,


Small player (not necessarily in-banner since it’s in the middle of the page), autoplay, BTF.


An Audi ad plays on a continuous 3 minute loop on a domain squatter called, brought to you by Tremor. 


Cognizant is an IT, consulting, and business processing outsourcing service. Dare we say wasted impressions on a hip hop blog? In addition to in-banner, BTF, autoplay.


For some reason, wireless carriers are a huge player in junk video advertising. In-banner, autoplay, below the fold.

Office Depot

In-banner, below the fold, auto-play